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  • £ 310

    By Suzette Datema Inspiration sometimes brings desperation when just don't have the time to put it from your mind to reality due to life's chores. At last this painting was created using good quality stretched canvas and acrylics. Joyful, colorful and playful just as it came in my mind. Hope you enjoy viewing it. Will be sent off with an authenticity...

  • £ 65

    By Suzette Datema Everyone is heading home. Two youngsters are playing a last game of marbles and someone is sweeping the dust of the day away from the front door. The cats are happy together watching everyone hurrying home. Varnished and sides painted. I do think it would look nice in a frame. Original artwork with signed Certificate of Authenticity

  • £ 1,250

    By Suzette Datema I used oils and acrylic on canvas to produce this artwork. The colours are so joyful and bright that it brings a flutter in my tummy of joy as I 'consume' the richness thereof. As an artist you can create any place that you would liked to be and so I 'visited' the Montmartre without travelling an inch. I became one of the poor...

  • £ 155

    By Suzette Datema A kaleidoscope of colour created with Acrylic paint. This is related to a memory of my recent visit to Amsterdam. Good quality canvas. Varnished and sent off with an authenticity certificate. Original artwork with signed Certificate of Authenticity

  • £ 305

    By Suzette Datema I am always Inspired by Van Gogh. I was then thinking how would Vincent have painted London. So I started out and painted my heart out. It was an enjoyable experience with challenges which left me satisfied and content. I used a good quality canvas on a stretcher with mixed media and good quality acrylic paints.Sides are painted and...

  • £ 135

    And so it is a new day, a rainy day, however that is not new. Luckily all orange umbrellas are for sale . So great as not red not blue or black only orange will do.A small little cityscape that would lighten your heart and brighten your room. Varnished, signed and sides painted black. Ready to display. Sent off with a authenticity certificate

  • £ 1,750

    You and I, my friend are vessels Sailing from one port to the otherAnd …in the process we upload and unload bundles onto our vesselsBundles of joyBundles of sorrowBundles of regretBundles of loveBundles of disappointmentBundles of achievementBundles of failureBundles of pleasureSometimes when we move on, leaving some of these bundleswe feel lighter and...

Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items