Painting my sanity and joy

Painting my sanity and joy

So many times I hear the question: " How did you start painting?" or "How long do you do paintings, already?" I think sometimes you are destined for things that you would not have dreamt in your wildest dreams. I always since I was just 2 or 3 years old walked with a pen, pencil or crayon and a book. Scribbling at first and then later 'writing' invoices for my brother when he "filled up" his cars at our pretend garage.

I studied teaching and specialised in preschool training which involved basic drawing which I loved.

Getting married and having children shaped me in another way and when my daughter could not excel in sport I thought I need to spend time with her doing something I think she would excel in. I asked her if art would an option for her and she agreed, which excited both of us at the time. We searched for an art teacher and boy did she excelled. I was thrilled to see how confident she became as she had another skill except her maths that she has been good in.

We moved to England and all was hard work and no play but Suzaan was thrilled as she could continue in GCSE with Art and got her A pluses. In 2010 my dear husband decided to renovate our house, please note, 'while we stayed in the house'. It was such a nightmare and I went up in the dark and dingy loft, made a corner clean for me and my husband installed a light. Everyday I painted from then on in the loft while he was first wrecking and then restoring our lovely home. Painting became my sanity and joy and still is.

How delighted was I when I sold my first painting in England.  (See image attached)

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